What Our Clients Are Saying

Sue Kubota

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus 27 years ago and began to accept my increasing joint and muscle aches as part of what I would just have to suffer with for the rest of my life. Two years ago I received a phone call placing me on mandatory suspension from work for not being able to kneel on the floor to perform CPR. On a co-worker’s recommendation, I called Hawaii Optimum Performance and asked Kevin for help. After Six and a half weeks of quadriceps and hamstring

strengthening exercises three times per week, I returned to work as an ICU Nurse, using knee pads to kneel on the floor. I’ve changed my diet, walk three miles five to six times a week, and continue to exercise at Hawaii Optimum Performance three times a week. What a surprise to find my joint and muscle aches have decreased by 90{79c09eeaf18d8eb148daa72c074a0181b230c2e278d7597ed4426c67a5b1ff8d}! I’ve lost and kept off 65 pounds over a 2 year period. The weight-bearing and resistance exercises also improved my Bone Scan so my Doctor stopped my Osteoporosis medication I was taking.  Mahalo to Kevin, Ross and Rachael at Hawaii Optimum Performance for saving my job and turning me on to a healthier lifestyle of daily exercise.

Fuaimamao Mageo

Thank you so much Kevin for training Lauoi Tuivaiti while were here in Oahu.  Thank you for helping him out and giving him a chance to meet and train with Michael Bennett. It’s an experience he will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will definitely keep in touch with you with his progress back home. Thank you HOP. God Bless!

Casey Adams

At 58 yrs old, plagued by hamstring injuries, I turned to HOP to help me compete in Soccer at the World Masters Games in Torino, Italy injury free. Through their training, taping and electrical stimulation I was able to compete and play more than I thought as well as hike the Cinque Terra and bike the Dolomites– all injury free! Everyone was so encouraging and knowledgeable. Thanks HOP.

Lametrius Davis

I was still waiting on the NFL lockout and Mana Silva suggested that I come with him to workout. I didn’t know where we were going, but when we arrived at HOP it was very intense and I enjoyed it a lot. From there I continued working out with Kevin, I loved the workouts and it made a difference. You can’t learn everything on your own but when you have someone teaching you and creating a foundation it’s a great way to begin. I worked out at Nike and this compares to my workouts there. The little things that I learned from the 3 weeks with Kevin helped me and I continue to use it till this day. A great atmosphere and the training sessions are taken serious. I admire the foundation and every time that I’m in Hawaii this will continue to be the first place I’ll look too for a workout. Thanks a lot and I truly appreciate it.

Mark Tungpalan

I wish I started at a younger age. But I have no regrets training at HOP because this life changing experience made me a stronger person physically and mentally. Thank you to the HOP team for pushing me. I truly look up to what you do for the kids because I think your training will help them grow stronger.

Sarah Nonaka

I have been attending HOPS for almost four years now. During this time, I felt like I have gotten stronger, more agile, and far less injury prone, thus allowing me to become more confident when I play. The different workouts/circuits that I do whenever I go to HOPS ensure that my body does not adapt to a routine. I also appreciate the fact that my workout is custom-tailored to whatever my goals/needs are at the time.  Speaking of specificity, because the number of athletes in each session are so small, it is easy for the staff to point out flaws to be corrected and praise someone when they do something right. HOPS is my favorite kind of workout because not only have I never dreaded going there, but I walk out of the one hour session tired (in a good way), rewarded, and feeling like I have definitely bettered my physical being.

Brandon and Lawana Collier

When it comes to life, school and sports, parents want to give their kids every advantage to succeed. Sending our two children to Hawaii Optimum Performance gives them a physical advantage in competitive sports to help them succeed. As former athletes, my wife and I understand the importance of a strong base and a quick first step. We’ve attended other speed clinics where hundreds of kids run aimlessly through a speed ladder or over cones. What impressed us most about HOP is no matter what the class size, the staff covered proper technique in every drill that they do. They also make individual corrections while the drill is going on. The qualified HOP staff created a challenging yet fun workout program specifically designed for kids who are still growing. HOP works with athletes to be physically prepared so as to prevent injuries. Our daughter has also started attending HOP clinics designed specifically for volleyball. The techniques she learns and practices at these clinics give her an obvious physical advantage over other athletes her age. We have recommended HOP to other families with young athletes looking for a program to improve their children’s athletic performance and prevent injuries.

Lynne Tom

My daughter was introduced to Hawaii Optimum Performance by her club volleyball coach. The HOP program has made her noticeably stronger and her success has encouraged other parents to put their daughters in this program. While conditioning with her teammates has made the hard work more fun, she has gained core strength and balance. She is more agile and has more stamina. In my opinion, the program has helped her become a more confident volleyball player.  In the past, the word “exercise” was not part of my vocabulary even though I had been told by my doctor a year earlier that I needed to exercise with weights. Ross and Kevin encouraged the moms to join their women’s core fitness class and I took the challenge. The small classes allow us to receive individual attention emphasizing proper technique so that we don’t injure ourselves. Our circuit training stations are increasing in intensity and vary each week. I’ve gained core strength, balance and muscle tone. I’m stronger, feel better and have more energy. Exercising is now part of my weekly routine. HOP is the secret to my success and wellbeing.

Kelly Pang

Hawaii Optimum Performance has helped me in all aspects that will contribute to my return as a successful athlete. All the strength, agility and balance drills HOP has taught me will enable me to reach my full potential. Thank you for all the constant encouragement, advice and support!